The consulting engineering firm of Roge and Associates Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983 by a group of Thai engineers. The firm provides full professional engineering services from the inception stage through the  operational   hand-over. The multi-disciplined engineering capabilities of the firm include planning, feasibility study, development, design, and construction supervision and project management. Since its inception,  Roge has successfully   served various  agencies  with satisfactory results and thereby won nationwide recognition as one of the leading firms in engineering.  The engineering team includes highly  skilled   and   specialized  training  with world-wide   project  experience.  The  RAC’s  head office is  located at  Soi Pibulwes, Sukhumvit 71 Road, Bangkok. It is equipped with in-house computer system for processing the  administrative  work, engineering  design  and CAD  facilities for preparing of drawing and documentation. RAC is registered as a “Grade A” consulting firm with the Fiscal Policy Office, Ministry of Finance, thus allowing it to carry out a wide range of consultancy services for large   scale development projects, either by itself or in forms of consortium or joint venture with other local and international firms.


The Board of Directors


Professional Staff

  Dr.Virach Rojanakul B.Eng, M.Eng, M.Sc., Ph.D Chairman Composing of a strong  group of more than 105 permanent  staff.   They are senior and junior
  Dr.Amnuayporn Siri-aksorn B.Eng., M.Eng, Ph.D Director professional  engineers, architects and supporting staff such as  technicians, draftsmen / CAD
  Mr.Chawalit Athikomnanta B.Eng, M. Sc. in CE Director operators, administration, accountants and secretaries.
  Mr.Sakdisarn Jumbala B.Eng., M.Eng Director  
  Mr.Suravit Pitucklimskul B.Eng, M. Sc. in CE, M.Eng Director In  addition  to  our  permanent  staff, we  are  capable of engaging a large number of external
  Mrs.Natina Santiyanont B.Sc., M.PA. Director special  consultants  from   universities,  private   organizations  and  other  local  and   foreign
  Mr.Sanya Waewongthong B.Eng. Director consulting firms.
  Mr.Somsak Supatimasro B.Eng. Director  
          Our   senior   staff  are  familiar   with  directing,  organizing  and  managing large-scale  multi-
          disciplinary  consultancy  projects, and  are  well-acquainted  with  working with local as well as
          international consultants.

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